Tommy Lee necklace

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I first made & gifted this necklace in 2007 to Tommy Lee … He wore it until he literally lost it

now around 2020 covid killed my work & I randomly asked for photos so I could work on my website

his wife said he was thrilled & wanted to order it!

it is all recycled sterling silver & has a Ganesh charm at bottom .. I handcast that 25 years ago & no longer sell them as I do only limited edition runs


If i remake one it will have a sterling silver oval or round charm same size & as you can see even if he wears nothing at all he keeps my jewelry on!  It is higher priced than my usual line as the silver content is heavier & I encourage you to look up sterling heavy necklaces by other designers of rock & rollers & you will find this is same to less in cost plus mine has all the markings of being handmade unlike the mass produced typical jewelry we see on our fave stars… sustainably sourced recycled 925 sterling silver all made by my own hands & only upon order



Tommy Lee & others in April Star Davis

This is a custom order so expect extra time for delivery .. i will post more photos but you can look at tommy in almost every gig & photo from last two years to see this is an amazing piece



this is the only authorized place to get this piece

heavier chains with assorted charms & silver disc & charms


shown is Tommy at P Diddys white party and the original selfie he sent me to say thanks