all items that are in films & TV will be sold limited edition all made by me by hand just like the ones you see on the actors & selling at full retail price

thank you all for decades of love & support! April

April star Davis  is one of the jewelry designers  who rebells  against frivolity of excess : hand-crafting and small scale production provided an alternative design movement for an ideology didn’t align itself with commercialism : using recycled metals and ethically sourced stones as well old jewelry pieces she finds on her travels from morocco to Belgium :  The  look goes from old world charm to contemporary : jewelry perfect for a consumer who wants to look forward, with a nod to the past  timeless classics based on her upbringing in California in the 1970s it’s there you see the influence of the  hippy community and her love of  Art Smith beatnik : artist : jewelry designer and eccentric  who along with Alexander  Calder made the hammered handmade pieces that are now coveted by collectors and most in their rightful place on exhibit in museum collections. 

I want to thank everyone that has supported and bought & that so it’s worn my work

it has been your word of mouth that’s carried me with the support of costume designers like Denise Wingate who has been using my work  for almost 3 decades now :

you may see some homeless in my jewelry as  I’ve done wedding rings for a veteran couple forced to live out of a tent : I give a lot of pieces away as I am no good at the business side of being an artist : but my own needs are like everyone changing everything cost more to just live so no discounts to anyone unless a PR exchange is made in advance

my focus is metal work with wire & always hammered : My old hammer has wear and tear and imprints almost like leaving a fingerprint on each piece :adding the occasional antique talisman to create something that feels custom made for the wearer :

:to create things that people will keep and pass on : not having  family heirlooms I created my own and they live through each person with each moment they spend in the jewelry : it’s truly a joy to create something  that can last : sustainability isn’t new if you don’t have much you learn early on to recycle and to incorporate found objects into your work : no slave labor as I make each piece myself & have worked along side artisans in Mexico and Indonesia to create jewelry lines on a larger scale : however I’m back where I feel myself : alone at my desk hand making jewelry and art from things I’ve collected bymyself
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— *IM in the disabled neuro diverse category so yes many grammer & spelling errors on my site & written communications will be painfully obvious , thank you for understanding ASD