Tommy Lee necklace

$2,000 $1,800


You can order your own version of Tommys favorite necklace … your necklace will have a choice of charms shown ..choose one to hang at the bottom.. tommys i did custom & wont make another exact

the front clasp allows you to wear it several ways



I have been making circles and chain myself & combining them with vintage pieces …the old with the new, re-imagining and adapting, creating something modern, the designs are timeless yet unique and never mass produced  This is What I have built my style and business on since 1995  Each piece made by my own hands with recycled precious metals and vintage pieces I collect on my travels from Europe to North Africa  My handmade chain bracelets and necklaces you can (and many of my clients have been wearing non stop for over 5 years)seat and not take off and they will still look amazing!  I wear my personal stack non stop from the pool , ocean & in the shower or bath , these are made to last and are an investment as well as mix with your own pieces to create your own look

Tommys necklace has a pendant that will not be on any other piece i do.. after you order email so we can show you selections so your necklace is uniquely your own ..we can also add charms / pendants you have & create a custom design as Tommy did for his



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