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Ask just about anyone in Hollywood and they either know April Star Davis or wear her jewelry. It wasn’t always this way. April is a person with a humble beginning …

April Star Davis started making jewelry 18 years ago at a bead store.

“I wanted to make things that my friends & I could afford.”

So with $60 and some beads, she decided to strike out on her own.

“I certainly wasn’t making a lot of money,” said April, “but I really loved what I was doing,”.

Without any Hollywood connections, and frustrated at the hesitation from shops about purchasing jewelry from unknown designer, April decided to try selling to costume designers & stylist as she had worked in that field briefly.

April says, “I was very surprised to find that the shows were so receptive to me and much more responsive than any of the stores I had tried to get my pieces into. Melrose Place was the first series to purchase my jewelry, and then it built up from there.” To this day Denise Wingate, costume designer from Melrose Place, continues work with April’s jewelry, which has been spotted in movies like Employee of the Month, Four Christmases, and The Wedding Crashers as well as Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Jennifer Garner.

April Star Davis uses a chef’s butane torch and her favorite materials such as sterling, semi-precious stones like jade and pearls, to create her one-of-a-kind rings, bracelets and necklaces that have been showcased on cast members of Nip Tuck, Friends, ER, Charmed, All My Children. Desperate Housewives and Private Practice. Reese Witherspoon, Kate Moss, Jessica Simpson, John Leguizamo, Monica Huerte, Justin Timberlake and Tommy Lee have worn April Star Davis jewelry as well.

what people are saying
I got a necklace (chain he actually said chain) & was amazed I looked for the seams & couldnt find anything her work is flawless! John Leguizamo

April sent me a necklace I wore for over six months straight everything from diddys white party to dubai! Tommy Lee

“April Star Davis jewelry designs are always striking & original, yet versatile enough to use on almost any character I design costumes for. I have had the pleasure of working with April for over 10 years starting with the television series Melrose Place. Since then I have used her pieces in such films as Wedding Crashers, Cinderella Story, & employee of the Month, among many others. Her jewelry is always the perfect compliment to any outfit.”

Denise Wingate, Costume Designer

“I recently purchased some incredible jewelry from aprilstardavis.com and am amazed at the beauty and craftsmanship whenever I wear one of Aprils pieces. Whenever I wear any of Aprils creations I feel very special.”

Linda Tashman

****”I have used Aprils jewelry on many television shows such as Boston Public and The Pretender, and many more print & personal styling for my celebrity clients, as well as having great success at trunk shows in La Jolla & Malibu. In every circumstance my clients have been extremely happy. And I have been overjoyed with the beautiful & often diverse jewelry she has created. I have been purchasing jewelry from April for many years and she still continues to suprise me. I look forward to many more years of continued relationship.”

Michele Rede , Costume designer

“I have been carrying April Star since Nov. 2005 and my only regret is that I had started sooner. The designs are incredible –simple and classic yet with an edge– and my customers absolutely love them! They cant say enough about the high quality , beautiful designs and reasonable prices. My suggestion to any buyer would be to order more than you think you need because the pieces sell as soon as they hit the floor!”

Currie Butcher , Touch of Sass Texas

****” Hi ya love your jewelry… you can send to Storm ” Kate Moss model

****”Oh April … you are so cool and talented … I am loving this bracelet… I stared at it all morning throughout my breakfast at Dennys ” Steve Conte New York Dolls

“Classic with a modern twist, April Star Davis is a line for everyone. I love its simplicity and its uniqueness ; pieces that you want to wear forever” Georgia Mack PR Girlshop.com

” I have been to many of April Star Davis jewelry shows and she continues to amaze me with her creativity. Her pieces are so beautiful and their cost so reasonable! She helped me to design earrings for my rehearsal diner dress, my brides maids, and my wedding dress. All were so beautiful and original. The compliments and positive comments were never-ending.” Erica Strauss

****”It has been a pleasure to know April Star Davis this past year. She is an extremely talented jewelry designer and incredibly generous. When Kenya Kids in Need sponsored a fundraiser for destitute children and orphans attending Galilee Primary School in Kenya, April stepped forward to offer some of her beautiful necklaces to the auction. She also spearheaded a campaign to spread the word to other jewelry designers , resulting in the donation of additional pieces of jewelry and boosting our fundraising efforts. Many thanks to April for sharing her creativity and artistic talents to help children in Kenya.” Brenda Hagood Kenys Kids in Need

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